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Everybody Can Change

Transactional analysis is based on some philosophical assumptions about man, life and the objectives of change.

  • Every individual is ok

               This is summarized in the expression: "I am ok, you are ok".

The person, as such, is endowed with value and dignity and deserves acceptance and respect. No one can be considered superior to another: people are equal to each other and each has value regardless of their race, age, religion and socio-cultural background. What may be debatable is the behavior (what you do) not the essence of the person (what you are).

  • Everyone is capable of thinking and therefore decides what to do with his/her life.

It is everyone's responsibility to decide what they want in their lives; everyone is responsible for their own decisions and their consequences. If with some decisions it gets negative results it has the power to change them.

  • Contract relationship

The therapist-client relationship is based on a collaborative contract towards a common goal. There are specific competences and responsibilities: the client is the only one who has the responsibility and the power to concretely act out change, the therapist has the responsibility to make the most of his/her specialist skills and his/her human talents to stimulate and support the client.

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